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“Very interactive materials applicable in real life. God bless you.”
– Daniel


“It truly helps me and my friend to get to know Jesus more and it helps to strengthen and grow our faith.”
– Krystel


“Thank you so much for this very helpful resource!”
– Erika


“Our leaders have really appreciated having well thought out resources aimed at younger students”
– Jason




THRIVE means to prosper or flourish.  To THRIVE spiritually involves moving closer to God on your spiritual journey, one step at a time.

Thrive is a series of small group studies that help students lead their friends on a spiritual journey toward a closer connection with God.  In sections labeled START, WALK, RUN, and GUIDE, Thrive can help you on your spiritual journey, no matter your level of spiritual maturity.

Always free, always relevant, check out Thrive studies today.







Thrive studies have a lot of great features.  Here are some of our favorites…

  • Always free to use
  • 76 studies so I never run out
  • The content is excellent
  • So simple and easy to use
  • Available in Print or on the App
  • Captivating images make each study memorable
  • Creative teaching ideas for each study
  • Transferable material means students can lead it
  • Each study is grounded in the Gospel





Thrive studies are designed to go straight through the 76 studies in order from beginning to end. Our studies are divided by level of spiritual maturity, so…

The 4 START studies offer some basic truths that will help you START your spiritual journey strong.  The 24 WALK studies lay a strong foundation for you to begin this life-long journey of walking with God.  The 24 RUN studies help you become more confident in your faith so you can boldly run this journey with endurance.  And the 24 GUIDE studies help prepare you to become a strong GUIDE to help others on their spiritual journey

As you go through the studies in this way, you and your students will have a wide variety of great conversations around the Bible.

Alternate Paths

Not all journeys are alike, though and we know that many of you would prefer to blaze your own trail. So we have some suggested paths for those of you who want to wander. Tap each path below to see which studies are on that path.




Students today are over-entertained and under-challenged. When it comes to their spiritual life, they are often being spoon-fed simple truths about God but rarely challenged to take steps of faith on their own.

It is said that people remember:

  • 10% of what they READ

  • 20% of what they HEAR

  • 30% of what they SEE

  • 50% of what they SEE and HEAR

  • 70% of what they SAY and WRITE

  • 90 % of what they DO

When we challenge our students to teach their own small group and not just participate in one, they learn so much more than they otherwise would have. They are doing – actively pouring out into the lives of others, rather than just passively being poured into. As a result, they learn more and so do their friends!

While many small group materials are designed for more mature believers to lead, Thrive is designed to be led by students. Challenge a student to lead a Thrive study today!




Thrive Studies covers all kinds of topics to help today’s student, ranging from the basics of the Christian faith, to how to deal with anxiety. Click here to discover the topics and find a study that’s right for you!






People think in pictures. 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual. When we think of a butterfly, we don’t think of the word, we think of a picture of a butterfly. We take in the majority of the world with our eyes through images.

The world knows this, and uses it to influence us. Social Media, Netflix, Websites and Ads all communicate so effectively through images.

Every Thrive study takes advantage of the visual way our brains are wired to teach us Biblical truth. Each study comes with a colorful image that illustrates the main message of the study. These truths get connected in our brains to the image on the study and when the image is reviewed, the truths from the study come flooding back.






Campus ministry workers and volunteers have worked many hours to develop these Thrive studies materials. We have a passion to help our students lead their friends spiritually.

We want to provide these studies for free to anyone who wants to use them so that there are no barriers to anyone who wants to study God’s Word or help others grow in their faith.

We are constantly improving our material and seeking to translate our studies into other languages. If you would like to help us continue to develop Thrive studies, learn how to join the movement below.




Do you want to help more students grow in their faith? Join the THRIVE movement! Lead a group, or help us make Thrive Studies even better by telling us how we can improve them! Click below to learn more and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!





THRIVE is fueled by user feedback.  Your input makes this tool better and helps reach more students!  If you see anything we could do to make THRIVE better, click the FEEDBACK button below and tell us about it!  You can also use that button to share any creative teaching ideas that you have with the THRIVE community.  Thanks for sharing!


Our THRIVE testers are a team of small group leaders who agree to give us feedback every week on how their study worked.  Their input is invaluable as it allows us to test THRIVE in real world settings and learn what works and what we need to change.  If you are leading weekly small groups, we would love for you to join our tester team.  To find out more, click the button below.




 Discover all the ways THRIVE can help you lead small groups well and launch movements on your campus.