Be a Tester


We have a lot of people helping us develop THRIVE.  We have…


These wonderful people are writing our studies, desiging the website, chosing the images, and creating the THRIVE content.


Testers are using THRIVE each week and looking for ways to improve it.  They agree to fill out a TESTERS FORM each week answering specific questions about each study to help us develop the best possible product.  They will be the main voice speaking into THRIVE’s continual growth.


We also invite anyone using THRIVE to give us feedback by clicking the FEEDBACK button at the bottom of each screen.  We’re not asking from any commitment from them, just asking them speak up whever they have something to share.

Our THRIVE writers and designers are working hard to pump out great THRIVE studies.  However, we are in need of some people to come behind them and test the studies to see where need to tweak.  We need a group of TESTERS to join our team and help make THRIVE even better.  A TESTER would commit to…


1) Lead at least 8 THRIVE studies each semester

2) Fill out a Tester Evaluation Form each week about that study

3) Recieve a reminder text to fill out the form each week


If you can commit to doing this, we would love to have you on the team!  Your input can help us fine tune THRIVE to be an even more effective tool to get students and volunteers leading more successful small groups.

If you are interested in being a TESTER, click the button below to email us and we’ll get you started.



Video Message to THRIVE Testers


Click here to give your FEEDBACK